Welcome to Selena’s Fantage Blog ;D

Hey everyone! It’s Selena here! welcome to my blog! this blog will have ♡Daily Posts♡ ♡Random Stuff♡ ♡LinePlay♡ and ♡Fantage♡ related things!


I am a huge arianator..HUGE ARIANATOR


Here are OF some of my favorite things:

Dan And Phil 



Ariana Grande



See you guys soon! ♡



Quick Post

I know I’ve been so inactive but these days I’ve had so much on my hands 😦 hopefully I can get on to brd soon, lineplay as well! 

Summer is so close!!

Hey guys!!

I only have 4 1/2 more days of school left!!
Meaning, I will definitely be on fantage more as well as fairyabc and line play 🙂 

Anyway, I really hope that more people come back to ftwp because it’s so boring now 😦

Almost My 3 Year Anniversary c:

Aloha  fellow Fantagians and welcome to another post on  the one and only “Fantalicous” 

Haha, forget I ever said that.

Anywise, I’m on month 2 of my PM which is just magnificent considering I get gold every month and can buy more items 🙂

I’ve recently started going on Fantage more often so I have a few screenshots to share with you guys of the current, improved, SelenaAdorable52!


Updated IDPhone:


Updated Selena:


Likewise, I also want to remind everyone about my 3 year anniversary on WP. I’m not doing anything special because if you have followed any of my blogs since I have started WordPress then you’ll know that I am not one to do things on time like how last year I completely forgot about BlogCon (Haha).


So in that case, I’ll probably spend a half an hour on LinePlay chatting with friends and such.

I will be ending the post here so I hope that everyone has a good day/night and we’ll chat soon 🙂


New Event + OOTD

Hello guys and welcome to my first actual Fantage post of the month!

I am officially back and ready to start doing FT blogging again (unless hiatus otherwise)

So let’s start with a few details on the party :

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.23.37 PM

Okay so peep the little ‘tomorrow’ thingy in this picture lmao

Anyway, when you log onto Fantage, you’ll see this little icon :

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.23.12 PM

Now, when you click that it’ll bring you to this screen :

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.23.49 PM.png

Basically the point of this event is to play games at ‘The Enchanted Grotto’ to collect puzzle pieces to level up ( not like level up on your id phone, you’re leveling up in the event)

Now that I have talked about the event, I have some news.

First off, I got a PM!!

Second, I got a new face on Lineplay xD


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 6.23.00 PM

See you all in the next post, bye! 


Fantage Blogging Again?

Hey guys!! 

I haven’t posted her in a while and I’d like to start posting again. I’m also very interested in Fantage and bringing the community back again. I’m getting a PM so I am really excited about that lol

I also got a new computer, a macbook pro. It’s much faster than my HP and doesn’t lag when I go onto Fantage (Thank Goodness)

I’ve been playing on LinePlay a lot and I’m saving up for a face so I’ve really been active the last few days.

I know I am very jumpy and switch from blogging to not blogging to quitting (more like a temporary hiatus) but I am very decisive that I’ll be staying here unless I go on hiatus.

See you on the next post lol