Hiya fantagians, I earned 5,000 stars! YAY! and guess what I got a new outfit! Gee! I’m almost to level 2 for a starter so excited! Anyway I have a Chrous concert to attend to so bye!



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  1. Marina says:

    Congrats! If you do beach fashion shows when you have more items, you’ll level up quickly. 😉
    Some more tips:
    1. For now, you should probably do the daily quiz and farm a lot, as well as the mini quests/tutorials. The first two will level you up a fair amount, while the second two get you free Stars. You should also go to the Pet Academy daily and sign in, because if you do that, you’ll level up.
    2. Do NOT spend eCoins on items you don’t want, because eCoins are hard to get. Magic Codes are probably best to spend gems on. DO NOT BUY LUCKYBOT TICKETS OR GEMS WITH ECOINS.
    3. Download the app Fantage Comet if you can. Buy the outfits and maybe the clockwork phoenix board from that. When you get MyMall permission from the daily prizes, you can sell those pretty easily if you get a good kiosk.
    4. Which brings me to HOW to get a good kiosk. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:00-12:30 AM Fantage time (Eastern time), the kiosks reset. If you arrive at MyMall a few minutes before then and go back and forth between rooms on the first or second floor (or between the A and B rooms on any of the first ten floors), you’ll be right there when the reset happens and you’ll be able to get a good kiosk. Just don’t dally – kiosks get snatched up FAST!
    5. If you happen to get gold, ALWAYS make sure you have at least 300 left, and NEVER, EVER, EVER BUY STARRED ITEMS. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WEAR THEM. STARRED ITEMS HAVE A STAR IN THE TOP-LEFT CORNER.
    I think that’s about everything you need to know for now… 😛 The longer you play, the easier it is for you to get medals (which level you up). Looking around at other blogs for tips on how to level up also helps. 😉


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