I’m addicted to Catfish: The TV Show I feel that show is a personal favorite cause if you have ever been through a strong online relationship and then find out who the person really is you can relate to it but we’re all youngsters so…let’s not worry about love..



What happened?!

Okay okay so I got my phone taken away for the day because I decided to do something I shouldn’t have but that’s not important FANTAGE BLACKOUT 2015 came out!

Fantage Blackout 2015- teams 




(P.S I also created a sig for myself!)image

Happy birthday Rylie!!!

Happy happy BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy 12th birthday Rylie! I hope your having a great day!! Your such a good friend I hope you stay that way:) 🎊🎉🎈🎁💝 Stay cool!


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Are you a true Pony Fan?

Posted out of topic but it’s MY blog bot the publics blog.  I have been to EVERY single Panel for MLP +Cosolay [Dressed up as apple bloom every time] ~Luv you Michelle Creber<3~Bi have watched every single EP and I have every Pony plush! I know Piny Trivia better than any Fan and I was Apple Bloom 4 times for Halloween