Fantage ISN’T Closing!

It’s a fucking shitty HOAX! So BlogCon is still August 25th


So I’m sure everyone’s seen this post. Now, I know a ton of people got worked up over it right away, especially after the connection problems that were going on today with FT, but I honestly think it’s a hoax. Let’s take a look at the photo and list the reasons WHY that is:

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 6.52.49 PM

1. This is (supposedly) a post, not an email. Nobody received any information about this except for the ONE person on Instagram who posted this photo. Normally, this kind of information would be emailed to everyone who played Fantage. That’s kind of the reason why they ask for your email in the first place, so they can send you information like this.
2. It says Fantage is closing on July 16, 2015. Most sites that are about to close announce their closing dates months in advance. For example, BarbieGirls let its members know it was…

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