BlogCon right now!

hey guys BlogCon is happening right now! Meet me on the server below and the place below 🙂

Server: Scarlet Starfish

Place: Downtown

okay I’ll see you soon!



Drama in the FTWP Community?

Okay so Disney I’m sorry but I have to give you a piece of my mind..right now I think your a phony and a fake! I always thought you were this nice little Disney person and then right after you quit fantage blogging YOU GO AND SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS! Why are you doing this?! Boltie lost followers cause of your sh*t and pretending to be a rapist or something isn’t funny! It’s something an immature person would do and right now that’s how your acting. Your acting IMMATURE. Now how old are you? 5? Because it seems that’s how old you are! I’d rather you leave the fantage WordPress community and go and fix your life right now because your an immature little bitch who can’t control herself! I can’t even believe you have like 10x more followers thank boltie right now! You deserve no followers for your foolish bull! This community won’t tolerate it. I’m 12 and I don’t even act that immature! Your probably no even comfortable in your own fucking skin right now! I’d rather you go to another community than stay at the FTWP community. I don’t like you behavior and nobody does! Stop bitching around and get real! 


BlogCon Update: #3

Okay so I a. Thrilled about how much people are excited about BlogCon..Sadly I’m not sure if Riley is coming 😦 but I can’t really worry about that right now… Okay so every blogger down below needs to answer these questions for BlogCon:

Are you a Fantage blogger?: Yes or No

Do you have 10+ views?: Yes or no

are you holding a meet and greet at the BlogCon?: Yes or No

that’s all you really need to answer and please comment if your a blogger coming.

|Please do not comment if you will not be attending|


BlogCon Update: #2

Hey! So it’s been awhile since I posted I just wanted a head count of everyone who is coming to BlogCon. If you will not be coming then I hope I’ll see you soon! Also I’m getting a laptop! It’s arriving on Monday! So I’ll have it right before BlogCon! Remember BlogCon is an all day event so if you have school your more than welcome to come after 🙂 if I do leave I need people..well other bloggers who would like to have their own meet and great at BlogCon is allowed to stay at different times and have their meet and greet! Well I’m not gonna make this update too long cause I have stuff to do so I guess we’ll talk at BlogCon! Bye! 


Just a little note…?

I think that people should kind of watch this video… I personally think that this is a very lesson learning video


So I was exploring through youtube when I saw this video called “The Dangers of Social Media.” Here~

I just wanted to warn you guys to stop showing pictures of yourself to the public. (talking to you, twinkels and yuki-chan) Because ANY of us cAN be pedophiles. What if I’M a pedophile? (I’m definitely not dont worry)

Just warning you guys because this is dangerous

Don’t tell anything to anyone~

xoxo mangos7418

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Hey guys it’s Selena so I’m doing a little BlogCon update:

Okay so first off my computer sucks so of course it’s gonna lag so meeting me for BlogCon might be a bit hard but I’m so going to make it work!

If you would like an autographed picture please send you picture of me and you to this email: ( and I’ll sign it and you may have it back!

I will need some help so in the (Eastern,southern,western,and northern time zone) parts of the United States whoever is a blogger and lives in that part of the states can volunteer with help.

I am going to leave this post at this so this it it! Bye!


Where have I been :/?

Well Hello my dear friends! its been awhile! BlogCon is soon! so I hope you guys can still make it!

Anyway, I am giving you the BlogCon details.

Date: August 25th 2015

Time: Its an all-day event!
Server: Scarlet Starfish


See you soon!