Fantage water park/ An even update:

Okay so I decided you guys needed a new update…

WHEN DID I POST AN UPDATE? You: The black out party :/

Okay I am really sorry for slacking its just that I needed a break because it’s overwhelming to see a reader full of bloggers quitting fantage! (Bloggers who quit sorry but thats just how I feel!)

Update: Fantage Water Park! 😛

Picture 3

Picture 2


So apparently there’s a Starfish Hunt? its basically where you go around the island looking for starfish :I.

But thats not all there is new limited items:

Picture 4 Sorry boys I don’t have the male items… but anyway you can buy the membership items with STARS! is this a mistake? cause membership items had to be bought with Ecoins or Gold…Whatever enjoy it while you have it 😛 .