Hey guys it’s Selena so I’m doing a little BlogCon update:

Okay so first off my computer sucks so of course it’s gonna lag so meeting me for BlogCon might be a bit hard but I’m so going to make it work!

If you would like an autographed picture please send you picture of me and you to this email: (cmaddie199@gmail.com) and I’ll sign it and you may have it back!

I will need some help so in the (Eastern,southern,western,and northern time zone) parts of the United States whoever is a blogger and lives in that part of the states can volunteer with help.

I am going to leave this post at this so this it it! Bye!



12 thoughts on “Update:

  1. Marina says:

    Wait, why do you need someone who lives in the Eastern time zone? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get people to help out from DIFFERENT time zones so someone can always be there even if other helpers have to go to bed? 😛


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