BlogCon Update: #3

Okay so I a. Thrilled about how much people are excited about BlogCon..Sadly I’m not sure if Riley is coming 😦 but I can’t really worry about that right now… Okay so every blogger down below needs to answer these questions for BlogCon:

Are you a Fantage blogger?: Yes or No

Do you have 10+ views?: Yes or no

are you holding a meet and greet at the BlogCon?: Yes or No

that’s all you really need to answer and please comment if your a blogger coming.

|Please do not comment if you will not be attending|



24 thoughts on “BlogCon Update: #3

  1. Marina says:

    Yes, yes (I think everyone has over 10 views…), and since meet and greets are just meetups between bloggers on Fantage, then I guess so? 😛


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