Drama in the FTWP Community?

Okay so Disney I’m sorry but I have to give you a piece of my mind..right now I think your a phony and a fake! I always thought you were this nice little Disney person and then right after you quit fantage blogging YOU GO AND SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS! Why are you doing this?! Boltie lost followers cause of your sh*t and pretending to be a rapist or something isn’t funny! It’s something an immature person would do and right now that’s how your acting. Your acting IMMATURE. Now how old are you? 5? Because it seems that’s how old you are! I’d rather you leave the fantage WordPress community and go and fix your life right now because your an immature little bitch who can’t control herself! I can’t even believe you have like 10x more followers thank boltie right now! You deserve no followers for your foolish bull! This community won’t tolerate it. I’m 12 and I don’t even act that immature! Your probably no even comfortable in your own fucking skin right now! I’d rather you go to another community than stay at the FTWP community. I don’t like you behavior and nobody does! Stop bitching around and get real! 



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