The Christmas feel

Who else is excited about today? I am because this is when they start playing Christmas music on the radio!

They already started playing the Christmas shows on hallmark (If you have Comcast its Channel 901)!

Anyway, I was thinking about BRD’s Secret Santa..I know I should let the admins handle this but I just had a ?

How are we going to do it on FT and are we doing it this year?

I’m going to be putting my Christmas wish list on here on Nov 4 😀 I’ll schedule this post too! 😛 😀



2 thoughts on “The Christmas feel

  1. Marina says:

    BRD isn’t doing anything for Christmas until late November/early December, so talk to the admins about it then. 😛
    If there is a Secret Santa, it’ll probably be done using Gold and MyMall. 😉


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