Hey Y’all!

Hey, you Fantalicious readers, you.

I’m a new admin here at Fantalicious. I think it was admin…

Thanks so much, ✰ѕєℓєηα✰, for inviting me to work here! I am honored. XD

Here’s a little about me:

  • I own a blog named Unicorns and Glitter and Everything In Between. *hint hint nudge nudge*
  • I am OBSESSED with Nutella. Like, I am Nutella’s stalker. Hence the name “Nutella Bae”.
  • I love to read and write. Math, maybe not so much…
  • I play piano and trumpet.
  • I love to blog.
  • I love YOU.

I hope you guys enjoy my future posts. Sorry to ✰ѕєℓєηα✰ those copy and paste skills though if I can’t post as much as you’d like me to.

Ily all ❤


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