Difference Between Great and Good Accounts

Today I’m going to show you just how shallow some Fantagians are!

(Or maybe they just don’t know how to make friends.)

I’m going to use my account, and then Sally Duck’s account.

(I hope you don’t mind me using your account in this post. If you have a problem with it I will take this post down immediately.)

My account:


Its an okay account. Compared to Sally’s its shiz. 😉

Friend count: 2 people buddied me. Both were girls. Guys no like me. Don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed, lol.

Sally Duck’s account:


Kindly ignore the pet in the background. XD

Friend count: 6 INCLUDING THREE GUYS. Dayum Sally. 😉

Conclusion: Sally Duck’s account is superior to mine. No seriously, this is the conclusion.

Round of applause to Sally for owning me on the buddy count! Thank you for letting me use your account!

Love you guys ❤


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