OOTD + Stepping my game up

Hey there, Selena here.

I’ve been leveling up so I can become an apprentice xD but at the same time going to MyMall and buying items with my gold xD. I bought some cute items and stuff.



I got that stupid board from Lucky bot. (LB Is a rip off) and this is more of a summery outfit other than a spring outfit


So I just wanted to give you tell you guys how much I will be posting and stuff.

Okay, so the end of March is in a few days and that is when April comes, In April that means 2 more months of school. But I have PARCC (like exams but it isn’t) And I probably won’t be posting those weeks.

Over summer break I will probably post a lot (If I don’t forget smh)

Anyway I’m gonna go now so peace ❤Selena signature


Gold + idek

So today I’ve been begging my dad to buy me gold. A few minutes ago he bout me 10,000 (now 9,928 since I searched items in MM)

Proof v

If anyone has any items for sale please let me know 🤗


OOTD + New Signature!

Hey guys, Selena Here.

So today I finally found out how to get the ‘Crystal Blue Eyes’ on Fantage. Most of you know that it is a PM item but there is a little cheat, or a trick to get it free, for non members.

So first thing you need to do is go on to the “Espanol” server. You go to the sunblock and BAM, everything is 0 coins and 0 stars. You can get any member eyes too.



And my new Signature:

Selena signature

xoxo, Selena

I really don’t know.

Hey there, Selena here.

So if you didn’t know, I went from level 60-80 in 2-3 days. I wanna share some tips that helped me get there. (Thanks Marina, Anna, and Casey)

  1. Play The Seahorse Game.
  • If you play the seahorse game and collect 8 seahorse then you level up at least 1-2 levels. (Members get to catch all seahorse and non members only can catch yellow)

     2. Plant tomatoes, roses, (lucky clovers are for a limited time) 

  •  If you plant your garunteed to make your medal go and and level yourself up.

      3. Missions

  • If you do missions, and this is only for members, you can also go up levels.

    4.  Fashion Battle

  •  If you win every time you play, you’ll level up at least 2 levels

Okay, comment “Thanks” if this helped you out!


Staying and what I’m doing!

So, today I was on my laptop playing minecraft because that’s been my latest obsession for a while and suddenly I started thinking about my blog. I kind of missed it and since I have my life sorted out pretty good besides the fact I have to deal with this really dumb girl. Anyway, I am starting from scratch meaning I made a new fantage account, my username is SelenaSparkle52 (a combination of my 2 BV accounts) and if this is alright with Marina, I’m making a new BRD account. Before I make on though, I want to make sure it’s fine with Marina. Anyway, (why do I keep saying anyway?! 😂) I’ll post a fantage ootd tomorrow!
– Selena 🌺