Staying and what I’m doing!

So, today I was on my laptop playing minecraft because that’s been my latest obsession for a while and suddenly I started thinking about my blog. I kind of missed it and since I have my life sorted out pretty good besides the fact I have to deal with this really dumb girl. Anyway, I am starting from scratch meaning I made a new fantage account, my username is SelenaSparkle52 (a combination of my 2 BV accounts) and if this is alright with Marina, I’m making a new BRD account. Before I make on though, I want to make sure it’s fine with Marina. Anyway, (why do I keep saying anyway?! 😂) I’ll post a fantage ootd tomorrow!
– Selena 🌺


7 thoughts on “Staying and what I’m doing!

  1. Marina says:

    Uh, can you keep your old BRD account and just change the name and everything on it? You shouldn’t need to make a new one unless you lost your password for some reason. 😛


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