I really don’t know.

Hey there, Selena here.

So if you didn’t know, I went from level 60-80 in 2-3 days. I wanna share some tips that helped me get there. (Thanks Marina, Anna, and Casey)

  1. Play The Seahorse Game.
  • If you play the seahorse game and collect 8 seahorse then you level up at least 1-2 levels. (Members get to catch all seahorse and non members only can catch yellow)

     2. Plant tomatoes, roses, (lucky clovers are for a limited time) 

  •  If you plant your garunteed to make your medal go and and level yourself up.

      3. Missions

  • If you do missions, and this is only for members, you can also go up levels.

    4.  Fashion Battle

  •  If you win every time you play, you’ll level up at least 2 levels

Okay, comment “Thanks” if this helped you out!



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