OOTD + Stepping my game up

Hey there, Selena here.

I’ve been leveling up so I can become an apprentice xD but at the same time going to MyMall and buying items with my gold xD. I bought some cute items and stuff.



I got that stupid board from Lucky bot. (LB Is a rip off) and this is more of a summery outfit other than a spring outfit


So I just wanted to give you tell you guys how much I will be posting and stuff.

Okay, so the end of March is in a few days and that is when April comes, In April that means 2 more months of school. But I have PARCC (like exams but it isn’t) And I probably won’t be posting those weeks.

Over summer break I will probably post a lot (If I don’t forget smh)

Anyway I’m gonna go now so peace ❤Selena signature