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So I decided to look at some old blog posts and I’m like so disgusted in myself that it’s not even funny. The amount of swears I’ve said in my posts were like so outrageous (I’m over exaggerating but seriously) and I’m nothing like that anymore.


Hello there.


I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas/holiday break lol


I just wanted to say sorry for my inactivity. I’m not really into blogging all that much anymore and I am just overwhelmed with school and a lot of other things. I don’t go on LinePlay that much anymore and I haven’t been on fantage since last summer. 


I’ve really been into studyblr so I might start one of those soon or just turn this into a study blog. I also haven’t gotten a chance to hop on BRD which I need to do soon.


And, Happy New Year. I know 2016 wasn’t the greatest year, with all the deaths and drama and stuff but hopefully we’ll have a low key 2017 without a crap ton of drama (no promises) and nicer people. 



Making a study blog.

Hello guys 🙂


I last posted yesterday and considering that it’s a new year, lets try something new.


I’m starting on a clean slate.


New Blog, New Account, New Content.


If you haven’t realized, I haven’t really been into blogging (Fantage) the past year and kind of left you guys hanging. In addition to that, an excessive amount of people in the Fantage community quit blogging. I can see why, Fantage really messed up and made some bad changes.


I’ve been blogging since summer of 2014 and decided to move on from virtual worlds for now (not lineplay, I’ll totally keep playing just not blog about it)


Besides, I’ve really gotten into studyblr/studygram and I’m really excited to start the blog and have more fun blogging. 


I can’t wait for new content, new posts and more to come for the new year! I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure to keep doing what you love <33