Fantage Blogging Again?

Hey guys!! 

I haven’t posted her in a while and I’d like to start posting again. I’m also very interested in Fantage and bringing the community back again. I’m getting a PM so I am really excited about that lol

I also got a new computer, a macbook pro. It’s much faster than my HP and doesn’t lag when I go onto Fantage (Thank Goodness)

I’ve been playing on LinePlay a lot and I’m saving up for a face so I’ve really been active the last few days.

I know I am very jumpy and switch from blogging to not blogging to quitting (more like a temporary hiatus) but I am very decisive that I’ll be staying here unless I go on hiatus.

See you on the next post lol 




14 thoughts on “Fantage Blogging Again?

  1. Marina says:

    Good luck reviving the community! 😀
    Also, if your new profile pic is you, you look exactly like your LP avatar. 😮
    Also also, have you been out to a square with a friend yet?


      • Marina says:

        Ohhhhh, I see. I…don’t really pay much attention to American pop.
        Yes, you should! It’s really fun. 😆 Yesterday a bunch of us went to Line Café together and had a blast!


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