I see how it is. :/

My pet hogging a seat all to himself. Tsk tsk.

Love you guys ❤


Here he is:

For some reason, I was scared to talk to him. So, I just discreetly added him like some stalker newb. Then I ran away. I know, I’m so courageous. To be fair, he is very, very scary.

*Disclaimer* Luke if you’re reading this I promise I didn’t stalk you. And I was joking about the scary bit.

Love you guys ❤



Difference Between Great and Good Accounts

Today I’m going to show you just how shallow some Fantagians are!

(Or maybe they just don’t know how to make friends.)

I’m going to use my account, and then Sally Duck’s account.

(I hope you don’t mind me using your account in this post. If you have a problem with it I will take this post down immediately.)

My account:

Its an okay account. Compared to Sally’s its shiz. 😉

Friend count: 2 people buddied me. Both were girls. Guys no like me. Don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed, lol.

Sally Duck’s account:

Kindly ignore the pet in the background. XD

Friend count: 6 INCLUDING THREE GUYS. Dayum Sally. 😉

Conclusion: Sally Duck’s account is superior to mine. No seriously, this is the conclusion.

Round of applause to Sally for owning me on the buddy count! Thank you for letting me use your account!

Love you guys ❤


I absolutely LOVE the new hair! Its fantabulous! ITS GODLY.

Here’s how I styled it:<< (Sorry can’t screen cap) Posing in front of the castle like a boss. XD

Outfit: You can buy it from Le Shop, and its super cute!

Shoes: High Tide

Handbag: Rare

Glasses: Le Shop

Board: Board shop<< I was going for a fancier look on this one. 😛 (Sorta failed)

Outfit: From former event? (Tbh I can’t remember)

Shoes: Rare

Board: Board shop

Bracelet: Le Shop (Its for nons!)

Glasses: Rare

Earrings: Rare<< This would probably go good with a red accessory. Sadly, the only good red accessory I have was the glasses, and I don’t wanna use that again.

Outfit: Le Shop

Shoes: Rare (I wore the dreaded Cleopatra’s Sandals)

Board: Rare

Wings: Unicorn Event

Face Accessory: Unicorn Event

Earrings: Rare

Yup, that’s all!

Notice how my pet is creeping closer and closer in each photo like the crazy little stalker it is. XD

Comment down below which one is your favourite outfit!

Ily All ❤

Hey Y’all!

Hey, you Fantalicious readers, you.

I’m a new admin here at Fantalicious. I think it was admin…

Thanks so much, ✰ѕєℓєηα✰, for inviting me to work here! I am honored. XD

Here’s a little about me:

  • I own a blog named Unicorns and Glitter and Everything In Between. *hint hint nudge nudge*
  • I am OBSESSED with Nutella. Like, I am Nutella’s stalker. Hence the name “Nutella Bae”.
  • I love to read and write. Math, maybe not so much…
  • I play piano and trumpet.
  • I love to blog.
  • I love YOU.

I hope you guys enjoy my future posts. Sorry to ✰ѕєℓєηα✰ those copy and paste skills though if I can’t post as much as you’d like me to.

Ily all ❤