Making a study blog.

Hello guys 🙂


I last posted yesterday and considering that it’s a new year, lets try something new.


I’m starting on a clean slate.


New Blog, New Account, New Content.


If you haven’t realized, I haven’t really been into blogging (Fantage) the past year and kind of left you guys hanging. In addition to that, an excessive amount of people in the Fantage community quit blogging. I can see why, Fantage really messed up and made some bad changes.


I’ve been blogging since summer of 2014 and decided to move on from virtual worlds for now (not lineplay, I’ll totally keep playing just not blog about it)


Besides, I’ve really gotten into studyblr/studygram and I’m really excited to start the blog and have more fun blogging. 


I can’t wait for new content, new posts and more to come for the new year! I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure to keep doing what you love <33



Fall Favorites! | Fall 2016

Hello, Selena here! Today I will be sharing my fall favorites!!

( + New OC/Fantage Persona thingy)


Okay let’s get started!


Fall Favorites: 

  • Apple Cider Donuts YUM
  • Dan And Phil Yus
  • Pizza Goldfish
  • Infinity Scarfs 
  • Dark Colors
  • LinePlay (Go Add Me @ xPrincessx bio: Harambe. Our Lord And Savior.)
  • My BBW Candles

Those are my Fall favorites! 

Good News, I got straight A’s on my progress report (Like a pre-report card)!

Yay! Have a nice weekend!


Updates Yay!

Hello there!! I’m going to try and do weekly blog posts if I have time because I wanna make up  for the time I was gone. 



  • No more OOTD’s
  • Some Fantage Posts
  • Going to be active on BRD again
  • Fantage BlogCon in December this year

Hope you guy’s will enjoy the future blog posts 😀

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BlogCon update

So BlogCon will happen tomorrow. I changed the the time to 9-10 AM EST mainly because I have somewhere to be at 11.

Please don’t be mad.. I’m sorry for all the confusion